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Mar. 12th, 2009


i moved all my blogposts to wordpress.com~ not by moe8moe though, instead it's by my old online identity.. so i won't be writing here anymore i think

so long farewell LJ~

Jan. 1st, 2009

034. HAPPY 2009!


soooooo high!! XDDDD

ok i know i'm late but HAPPY 2009!!!!!

finally saw the whole countdown concert!!! KYAAAAA UHCIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!! the collective KYAA by fans was SO loud!!! thanks everyone for the warm warm welcome to Uchi in Tokyo Dome!!! <333 gosh the joy brought tears to my eyes XDDDD i'm SO SO happy that he's on stage!! it's HUGE!! the caption on the sides says "ano otoko" even!! at first i totally thought it'd be Higashiyama-san or Matchy-san, but UCHI?!?! LOL!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!! Gahhhh i'm so happy for him!!! too bad the JE was smart enough to only have placed Uchi and B.A.D. etc by themselves and not on same stage or next to his members / same cart with 8 or the other group. I think Ryo was extra high tension though! maybe it was bcoz of Jin too? i felt like i haven't seen him (i mean Jin) having this many expressions in the longest time LOL the laughing at MatsuJun's kiss move at the end of Daite Senorita was wonderful i have to say, even tho i am no Jin fan. and Kame looked great (skin-wise especially; but then Ohkura too; maybe it was the make-up? XP) i was like Whoa. Just, hisashiburi-kinda feeling, LOL! anyways--- SUBARUUUUU's HAIRRRR!! *LOVES TO DEATH* i really love it when he has it up like that <33333 the cutesy poses with Yasu *dies* ok ok EVERYONE knows about you two!! esp. after Yasu's Shokura Premium episode LOL (was gonna get to that last night but went out to countdown instead XPP) Ohkura was really cute with Mabo too!! thanks Mabo for ehhh provoking Ohkura shyness?? XDDD and Maru and his forever wonderful wonderful super big dance moves... *dies* Yasu and his huge grin along with Aiba was great too!!! and Hina with Ohno's serious take was quite brilliant <333 and Yokooooooooooo kyaaaaaaaa *nuff said XP* but PLEASE de-perm PLEASE!! i'm very happy to see Ryo with Nino, doing the Seishun Amigo move, it was so funny how they were looking at each other coz they weren't familar with the choreography <33 ahh Ryuusei brothers <33 plus there was also cute Ryo & Matsujun moment too XDD and Junichi is as always suteki, v. yummy-looking *hearts* generally speaking Ryo was v. high and i'd like to think that's bcoz of Uchi too *starry eyes*

to be honest this countdown con could've been much better (i don't get why EVERYONE who were in Tokyo couldn't countdown together liked they used to, Tokio and V6 did not have to be late, and Tsubasa too! *puzzled*) and the line up of the songs in the medley felt way too unorganized, it was like this too last year i think but this time it was even worse.. the mic problems made it very clear that it was really live, so that's good. It was a shame the mic problem happened during Sorafune though, if only we could hear Baru and Jin better. anyhow, i loved it!! now i need to re-watch it and kyaaaa all over again bcoz i am sure i missed a lot in the background <33333



Dec. 24th, 2008

033. dramas 2008 Autumn

ehhh... so fall drama season has ended. i started writing this post when fall drama season started... anyway, i'll post it still, bcoz it's worth remembering -- as i broke all my previous records this season... LOL

fall drama 1st episodes marathon

ok so some thing's gotten into me and i went a bit crazy and watched like most of the Fall's dramas first episodes. I think this is a first, catching this many dramas in one season, so I'll jot down some notes to commerorate a new record.

1. Innocent Love

Continue or no - yes

Narimiya's character is named SUBARU!! and he's very cute, the sensitive, yasashii, deep thinker who is suffering the hurt and stress of unrequitted love and pretending to be a playboy. I'm interested to see more of Yuzu's guy's acting i guess? and even though this love story looks grim and heartwrenching, I'd like to see at least 2 more episodes first. Horikita Maki's character's the kind i don't enjoy watching. But the storyline between her and her older brother seems intriguing.

2. Room of King

Continue or no - maybe?

I watched this because of of Mizushima Hiro <3 He's soooo cute *dies* i like how his character is this good-natured freeta. But the story isn't my cup of tea i think? it's this comedy/mystery involving a bunch of people i am not interested in watching, and Hiro's share of screen time is thus, insufficient. I can't see where the story is leading at all, too. So, despite Hiro's adore-factor is maximum, this one shall be put on hold for now. *gomenasai*

3. Giragira

Continue or no - maybe?

i forgot why i wanted to watch it, LOL. It's like, Yaoh with 2 twists - 1 is main guy is a married 36 year old who has a daughter and is a returnee who's been this top host 10 years ago. 2 is all the other hosts are much younger than the Yaoh ones. I thought the first episode is ok. But i've already seen this selfish, manipulative, evil, swine-hosts vs. man with heart of gold who wants to save and heal hurt women hero-hosts battle before. Hmm.. oh and Igarashi's hairdo does NOT suit him at all!! =_= Miura Shohei's cute though.

4. Oh! My Girl

Continue or no - maybe?

Moco's really cute in here. I love his hairdo much better than the one he had in Zettai Kareshi. Kato Rosa is very cute as usual too, despite the obasan/manager attire. The main girl is cute too. Dunno her name, and never seen her works before, but it looks like she'll be big in future. She's pretty good too. But her character, I don't know, I don't like brats. Did not get very annoyed, but i think i will get fed up with this heroine. So, let's put this on hold as well.

5. Celeb to Binbou

Continue or no - yes

Kassy!! Originally i was not interested. But as soon as i saw Kashiwabara Takashi's name on the dl link i went O_o! "I must see at least one episode!!!" yeah so i'll follow at least 2 more episodes for Kassy alone, oh and Kuninaka Ryoko <3 But I must say, upon seeing the few scenes in ep1 with Kassy in it, he doesn't look so good anymore... T_T still hot, a lot hotter than Kamiji in my books, but the complexion, the breath-taking beauty he once possessed, is gone... T__T Ueto Aya is quite convincing and suitable as the heroine, and she's a good actor too. The chemistry between her and Kamiji seems ok as well.

6. Scandal

Continue or no - no

Watched because i was mildly curious (see how odd this is? i really don't know what's gotten into me, or maybe i know but i don't wanna talk about it here. i even watch very mildly interested ones. and when i've a lot of very-interested ones piling up in the external hard drive!) about this story, and I kinda like Nasegawa Kyoko. That's it. So i really had no expectation for this one. Turns out, hmm... yeah, not my type of entertainment. I mean, all 5 of the women in first episode are not likable. At least to me, and I admit i'm a bit harsh i guess? Anyway, i'm not in this show's targeted audience. So, jya na~

7. Scrap Teacher

Continue or no - maybe?

I watched this one out of some curiosity and to support the younger and more adorable Hey Sey Jump! members. Chinen really is sooo cute! He's a different kind of cute from chibiRyo ne. Like, Chinen is the good otonashii kid that calls to maternal protective instincts and evil impulses at the same time, like, i'd wanna cuddle him as well as pinch him; whereas chibiRyo one could sorta tell he's the smart and cute kid who can act like a brat getting on nerves one second and get all cutesy the next, like, i'd be a bit wary of this kid. Also, Yamada Ryotaro is very very cute too, a bit baby fat still (he should has it too, it's healthy and normal!), he's more like chibiRyo(but i'm biased so i think chibiRyo is still cuter). hmm.. as far as the story goes, it's not that interesting.. to me, anyway. 3 mysterious transfer students come to this school which is gonna be gone in a year to try to change things? maa.. maybe i'll continue bcoz Chinen is SO cute?!? saa~

8. Bloody Monday

Continue or no - yes

I like Miura Haruma and Sato Takeru and Narimiya <3 (by now everyone has picked it up - what makes me watch a drama = cute guys, HAHAHAH) and upon friend's recommendation (though she herself has not seen it yet, LOL) I decided to try "Bra-Man" as well. Oh so the story looks great! I like intense crime-solving doomsday drama!! Of course the setting's far fetched and terrorism isn't that attractive a topic. But they did pretty well in making viewers wanna see what happens to thie Falcon kid and Japan. So, this one is to keep!

9. Shouni Kyuumei

Continue or no - yes

Ever since i watched Kaneshiro Takeshi's movie "Shinigami no Seido" several weeks ago, I started to like actress Konishi Manami (btw her single, released under her character name in Shinigami, which i already forgot, is worth some listening-to). Plus i always liked Tsukamoto Takashi (once again i have to whine -- he's MARRIED!! another dekikon!! T_T), i watched this one too. I think i'll continue with this because 1) Konishi as a pediatrician is <3, 2) Tsukamoto as a pediatrician wearing white loving Konishi is <33, 3) the kids are very cute, 4) i'm interested in this human drama with clear message (scolding the hospitals that won't take kids, shuffling them around in ambulances).

10. Ryusei no Kizuna

Continue or no - YES! YES! YES!

Finally got to this one, the only one i planned to follow before this season started. LOL. Ironically i watched its 1st episode the latest. Me and my save-the-best-till-last problem... so as of today, December 24th, X'mas eve, i'm still on ep3. No, actually, i haven't started on ep3 yet... I promise i'll watch it all at one sitting when i go back to LA!! LOL

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Nov. 3rd, 2008

032. Ryo-chan's Birthday~


HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Dearest Nishikido Ryo~

i wish you a healthy and happy 24th year!!

hopefully you found the 23rd year fantastic!! though i haven't watched either yet, Last Friends and Ryusei no Kizuna are doing wonders to your career, i'm very happy for you that you got the chances to showcast your acting! Just last night my non-fan friend praised your acting in Last Friends! LOL~ you're now on your 4th concert tour this year too, ne? Karada yo ki wo tsukete kudasai! this is my 3rd year as your fan, and i thank you and my lucky stars for this! <3

i didn't do anything to celebrate. Boss came back from Europe today, so work kept me occupied. After work i had a facial appointment, got home at 9ish. It didn't really occur to me that today is November 3rd, even though i KNEW today's date. Work's been a biatch lately.. so, gomenasai Ryo-chan! but my heart is with you!!

hm... i just realized.... i don't have a post for the September boys!!! >____< uwa... GOMEN!!! ehh doshiyo... *GUILTY*

Sep. 30th, 2008

031. SHOCK!!!!!!!!!!


REN DIED?!?!??!?!?!?!?!??!?!!


OK i kinda saw it coming and guessed the ending'd be grim from quite early on.  but i always always wished for the best and kinda deluded myself thinking that Yazawa-san wouldn't dare/ have the heart to... But turns out i am wrong...

NANDEYANEN?!????????????????!!!!!! Yazawa-sensei how could you?!??!?!?? GAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

Sep. 16th, 2008

030. dreams

ok so this morning i think? i dreamt of Nishikido... LOL and it was another one of those very random/weird/twisting stories that i can't remember except for the last scene or bits and pieces.

so the dream had something to do with me having more than 1 identity or something? apparently there were some issues or misunderstandings or problems with that.. the scene before last that involved Ryo was sulking/brooding/contemplating at an MTR station (in Hong Kong HAHAAHA) by the rails that overlook the platforms, then i saw him from below and he saw me.. i kept walking and eventually got to where he was, glanced towards him sadly/warily/longingly (LOL) then passed by him without a word as he watched.. i walked out of the station, not too long after someone called me from a far, i turned and waited as he approahced me. We stood silently for a moment eyeing each other and the ground beneath us, then he asked in japanese "You wanna go grab dinner?".. THE END... LMAO!!

oh i think i forgot to jot down the Uchi one from weeks ago! ok just a quick note here then --- i dreamt of Uchi singing Koiuta on stage with Takki & Tsuba on a music show! XDD

Aug. 12th, 2008

029. wonderful dream

almost forgot to blog about this!! now that i remember my day has brightened SO much! 
i'm SO glad when i woke up from this wonderful dream and before i fell back asleep that i remembered to jot down one sentence of notes on the cell phone! so yeah i dreamt it it was morning already i think? coz i was 'awake' enough to do that... LOL!
ok so, yeah, i dreamt of BOTH UCHI AND RYO!!! XDDDD my roomie from 2006 Summer was in it too, and from the content i should totally thank her! ok let's see how much i can recall...
i was waiting for roomie somewhere, in a restaurant or a shop? she came in and was squealing because, jya-jyan, Uchi was outside!! so i got really really excited and we went outside to stalk him! LOL!! i think she told me to try to snap a picture? or i tried to do it without anyone pressuring me to do it? XP but i was too giddy/ good/ gutless so i didn't haha! it looked like Uchi noticed us and was trying to evade/ escape us stalkers?? he didn't look annoyed though! then Ryo showed up?!!? totally shocked!! XDD i THINK i also saw some bags/ luggages... the rest/ the end/ the details i don't remember anymore... =_=
but! good enough desho? XDD
to dream that those 2 are running away going to travel together BWAHAHAHA!! Soooo happy!! XDDD

Aug. 8th, 2008

028. 08/08/08

HAPPY 08/08/08 DAY 

it's such a special day but i'm spending it just as ordinarily as any other day. But i'd like to think that, as long as I know how special and significant it is to 8 and Eighters, it's enough for me. I really can't say this enough times, I feel so fortunate to have 'found' 8 and gotten to know them better through the wonderful Eighters on the net, it's truly a blessing to b a fan of such a wonderful band of people.


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